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COVID-19 – Taking Advantage of the “Quiet”

by Laurie Evans | May 14, 2020

A slow opening up of our economy is in the works as restrictions related to COVID-19 begin to loosen in various jurisdictions. While physical distancing measures remain in place, the ‘quiet’ they create can offer some advantages for construction projects that share these attributes:

  • the project started prior to the onset of the pandemic;
  • resources were already invested or specifically allocated to complete the project;
  • the required materials were already onsite or readily available; and
  • contractors are able to comply with health and safety directives while onsite.

Those projects that are continuing during this period could benefit from some impactful advantages including:

Better work continuity BLUE

Better Work Continuity

With fewer people ‘out and about’ on pathways, roadways and in public spaces because of COVID-19 measures, project work can progress with fewer interruptions. Roadwork is a good example, where fewer vehicles on the road makes it easier for construction vehicles to maneuver and for contractors to maintain site safety.

Less community disruption BLUE2

Less Community Disruption

With many Canadians still following ‘stay at home’ guidelines, some projects will actually have less impact on the surrounding environment. For example, upgrading elevators in an office building usually means longer wait times for tenants. However, with many employees currently working from home, such work can proceed without causing much inconvenience.

More economic stimulus BLUE white space2

More Economic Stimulus

In some cases, the projects that continue during this ‘quiet period’ will impact future job growth, so it’s important to take advantage of the time where possible . A community centre adding new space for future programming, for example, will also likely need to hire new employees to run those services – creating new jobs at a time when they will be needed in the community.

While we may not have been able to predict the impact and changes brought about by this pandemic, we are able to adjust. By capitalizing on the quiet we’re currently experiencing, we can ensure that many construction projects are completed efficiently and on schedule, to the benefit of our communities.