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Hinton Adds 10 New Affordable Rental Units with RHI Grant

After successfully securing a $2.3 million grant through CMHC's Rapid Housing Initiative (RHI), the Town of Hinton has completed its Boutin Lands modular housing project – adding 10 new affordable rental units to the community.


Town of Hinton


Hinton, Alberta

Project Scale

$2.3 Million Grant

Located in the foothills of the Alberta Northern Rockies, the Town of Hinton offers residents an active lifestyle in a community surrounded by nature. Like any other local government across Canada, Hinton has experienced a growing need for affordable housing options as its population increases.

The town recently reached a significant milestone in addressing this need. Hinton secured a $2.3 million grant through Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation’s (CMHC), Rapid Housing Initiative (RHI) in December 2021 with support from our project management team. The RHI is a part of CMHC’s National Housing Strategy and provides funding to accelerate the delivery of affordable housing units to communities in need.

With the grant secured, the Town of Hinton began construction on its Boutin Avenue Development to build 10 new rental units. These units include a mix of single and two-bedroom accessible modular homes, ranging from 560 sq. ft. to 790 sq. ft., all situated on town-owned lands. The development serves a diverse range of vulnerable populations at risk of homelessness. The project stayed within budget, despite delays caused by Alberta wildfires, and all 10 of the modular units are now built and occupied.

Operational partnership

In addition to assisting Hinton with its RHI application, our project management team also played a pivotal role in helping the town secure an operating partnership for the development with The Evergreen Foundation, a local not-for-profit housing management organization. The Evergreen Foundation is now responsible for year-round operations, ensuring the smooth and efficient functioning of the rental units.

Community commitment

Hinton’s former mayor, Marcel Michaels, expressed Hinton’s commitment to providing affordable and adequate housing, saying, "It's essential for the Town of Hinton to provide housing solutions for those who need it most, especially for our most vulnerable and marginalized groups within the community."

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