Town of Longmeadow


Longmeadow, MA

Project Scale

45,234 gsf / $22M

Project Management and Commissioning for a new Public Works Facility

Colliers Project Leaders is providing both owner’s project management services and commissioning services for the Town of Longmeadow’s new Public Works Facility. The new facility will replace the existing building which was built in 1931 and has not kept pace with the Town’s population, work, and equipment growth.

The facility will be a code compliant and safe work environment for Town employees, provide more efficient work space and response times, protect the Town’s multi-million-dollar investment in vehicles and equipment, and prevent distribution of core municipal services due to a facility failure.

As owner’s project manager, Colliers will be responsible for managing all aspects of project planning, design, and construction activities of the new public works facility. Primary responsibilities include:

  • Contractor prequalification
  • Scheduling
  • Oversight of the designer
  • Oversight of the contractor during construction
  • Project development activities that will involve final design and construction
  • Project close-out assistance

Colliers has also been engaged to provide commissioning services for the project. During design, Colliers will review the owner’s project requirements, basis of design, and construction documents, as well as develop commissioning specifications and a commissioning plan.

During the construction phase, Colliers will review contractor submittals; develop, distribute, and spot verify construction checklists; develop functional test procedures; review mock-ups and verify equipment start-up; oversee and document functional systems testing; and verify operator training. Colliers will also verify seasonal testing and perform warranty reviews with the operations and maintenance staff.

The project is expected to be completed in 2020.