Massachusetts Division of Capital Asset Management & Maintenance


Springfield, MA

Project Scale


Commissioning of a Tier III Data Center in Springfield, MA.

Massachusetts Division of Capital Asset Management & Maintenance (MA DCAMM) Information Technology Division opened the Commonwealth’s second data center on the site of a former technical high school in Springfield, MA. The new data center was coordinated with the Commonwealth’s original data center in Chelsea in an active configuration for business continuity applications. This second data center also provides Tier III security for applications that, due to limited space at the Chelsea data center, can only be housed in a single location. By providing a Tier III data center, the Commonwealth is able to better manage and protect systems which provide essential services to its citizens.

Colliers Project Leaders was engaged to serve as commissioning agent during the design and construction of the Springfield Data Center. As such, Colliers Project Leaders ensured that the center met the needs of the Commonwealth’s Information Technology Division and that it operates properly and meets the requirements of a Tier III data center as defined by the Uptime Institute. Our team’s commissioning approach and process for this project was developed according to LEED requirements for EA Prerequisite I, Fundamental Commissioning and EA Credit 3, Enhanced Commissioning.

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