Winnipeg Transit Bus Maintenance and Repair Garage Expansion

The City of Winnipeg is growing, and so is the demand for mass transit. To accommodate the growth, the city is increasing their fleet of buses, which will require additional maintenance and repairs.


City of Winnipeg


Winnipeg, MB

Project Scale


Meeting the growing demands of modern cities.

Due to the increase in the total number of buses, there is a growing demand for bus maintenance and repair capacity. As a result, the City of Winnipeg’s transit department decided to relocate a portion of their employee parking and expand the maintenance and repair garage to add an additional 60,000 sq. ft. Our team provided Owner’s Advocate and project management services for the design-build project. We worked closely with the City to identify, evaluate, and define the project scope elements to ensure it was complete and mitigate potential risk. The scope of services includes reviewing, monitoring, and tracking the overall project budget and schedule to ensure it aligns with the agreed-upon parameters.