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Furniture, Equipment Planning and Move Readiness

Maximize performance. Minimize disruption.

Planners. Movers. Leaders.

We are expert furniture and equipment planning specialists. We go beyond supply and delivery. We develop furniture standards, provide gap analysis, and deliver procurement services. We increase productivity and boost communication. We connect with stakeholders throughout the entire process. We even do the heavy lifting. Because that’s what leaders do.

Areas of Expertise

  • Medical Equipment Planning

    With access to comprehensive, proprietary databases, of leading-edge medical equipment and furnishings from around the globe, we create clear, detailed specifications that achieve the best value for your money. We are independent of all manufacturers and dealers, and plan and procure to meet your needs only.

  • Furniture Planning

    Our team of experts use evidence-based best practices to work in close collaboration with you and your team to ensure we select furniture solutions that best meet the needs of your facility. We focus on essential operational and design related issues including Ergonomics, AODA and Universal Standards, Infection Control, Sustainability, LEED, Green Guard and LEVEL certification.

  • Move Readiness

    Moving isn’t easy. Can you train and prepare your staff to move into your new space without impacting daily operations? Do you have the capacity to lead the transition and not lose sight of the details? Can you capture all the glitches that will occur, and resolve them before they interfere with operations? We take care of planning, communication strategies, and move-in day management so you don’t have to.

  • Operational Readiness

    Our team can identify the deliverables and tasks required to operationalize a new facility from an existing location, ensuring staff roles and responsibilities, policies, procedures, and other aspects are identified, analyzed, and resolved. Our process and framework ensure that the tasks that are required for the activation and occupation are implemented in advance, so that the building is operationally ready for business on day one.