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IPD and Lean

Leverage the full benefits of a collaborative approach to project delivery.

Trusted IPD and Lean advisors, facilitators and coaches

Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) is a project delivery model with shared risk – and shared reward. It is gaining momentum with owners seeking a more collaborative and transparent project experience that focuses on innovation and what is most valuable to owners.

IPD’s single team approach is significantly different than Design Bid Build (DBB) and other delivery methods. When done successfully, it offers compelling benefits, including exceptional project communications, increased transparency, lower project costs, time and material efficiency, design flexibility, opportunities for innovation, and schedule and cost reliability.

IPD also has the potential to eliminate change orders – a welcome outcome for all stakeholders.

Our IPD and Lean experts have consulted on more than 100 projects across North America. We work with you to build IPD project capabilities, and help you implement IPD to its full potential by leveraging Lean principles through design and construction.

Tired of feeling like every project is adversarial, and you haven’t gotten the value or quality you expected? Our IPD and Lean advisors, facilitators, project integrators and construction specialists are committed to the IPD/Lean process. We have the proven experience and IPD-specific tools needed to make your next IPD project a success.