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Emergency Preparedness & Community Recovery

Does your municipality have a recovery plan in place?

Post-emergency recovery involves a series of projects - and we're here to help.

Extreme weather events have become more frequent and severe in Newfoundland and Labrador, causing significant impacts on communities. For those affected, the process of disaster recovery can be lengthy and expensive, with the potential to disrupt community life for generations.

In 2022, hurricane Fiona devastated Port aux Basques , and Central Newfoundland suffered one of the most severe wildfire seasons  in recent history. Catastrophic disaster events are becoming more frequent and costly across Newfoundland and Labrador.

Getting project management experts involved early will improve coordination, keep things running smoothly among response teams, and speed up your municipality's recovery process.

In times of crisis, a skilled project management team can help you recover more quickly and efficiently. Is your municipality prepared in the event of a disaster?

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We can help.

It’s crucial to prioritize emergency preparedness measures before a disaster strikes. With our skilled team of project managers who have the expertise and resources to proactively plan for disasters and manage recovery efforts, you and your team can concentrate on meeting the daily requirements of residents.

Our experienced project managers can help you with:

  • Early integration and EOC support
  • Damage assessment and project scoping
  • Recovery team development
  • Funding source and budget development
  • Project planning and procurement
  • Project leadership and reporting

Learn more about our range of services for Emergency Preparedness & Community Recovery 

Our Emergency Preparedness & Community Recovery team will be attending the Municipalities Newfoundland and Labrador’s 2023 Conference, Trade Show and AGM: Toward a Sustainable Future conference on October 25-28, in St. John’s.

Connect with us at the conference to explore how we can assist your municipality in recovery efforts.

Meet with our experts

  • Gregor Ash headshot

    Gregor Ash 

    Business Development Manager, Atlantic Canada

    With a strong background in business development, Gregor has a large network of connections throughout the Atlantic Region that he can call upon to help accelerate the conversations needed to address urgent post-emergency recovery work. His strategic insights and industry knowledge play a pivotal role in facilitating successful projects across Atlantic Canada. Gregor is dedicated to forging partnerships and driving connections between all stakeholders who may be affected by the ever-evolving disaster landscape.

  • Jerome Soumastre headshot

    Jerome Soumastre 

    Principal, Atlantic Canada

    Bringing two decades of project leadership experience across Newfoundland and Labrador, Quebec, the US, and France, Jerome specializes in complex projects and programs of work. He has a strong background in infrastructure and has worked closely with various organization on post-emergency recovery endeavours. As the Newfoundland and Labrador Principal for Colliers Project Leaders, Jerome is dedicated to driving successful recovery projects, armed with expertise and a proven track record.