City of Merrit Modular Home

City of Merritt Unveils First Batch of Transitional Homes for Flood Evacuees

March 14, 2023

City of Merrit Modular Home

Up to 20 City of Merritt families displaced by devastating floods in Fall 2021 can now move into new modular homes.

The city introduced its Transitional Evacuee Manufactured Home Program to provide affordable, priority housing assistance to flood-affected residents who have not been able to repair or return to their homes following a devastating flood in the Fall of 2021.

The modular mobile homes will also help address the City of Merritt’s housing crisis. The two, three and four-bedroom units are offered at below-market rental rates, and renters are eligible for an adjusted buy-out option of the home in the future.

Our team of project leaders is proud of the role they’ve played in this important housing rebuild program and continues to provide project management and disaster recovery services for community recovery and climate readiness. We look forward to supporting the City of Merritt as it reaches additional milestones and continues to help families find housing and access to social services throughout the year.

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