Farrel Corporation


Ansonia, CT

Project Scale


Propelling progress.

Colliers Project Leaders provided the Farrel Corporation with a program review of existing office building and manufacturing building space (encompassing over 182,000 square feet) to develop planning options and renovation budgets, evaluation of energy conservation opportunities, and evaluation and planning of relocation options including the purchase and renovation of an existing building or construction of a new facility.

Ultimately the client pursued the option of having a developer build them a new facility, which is a mix between offices and manufacturing operations.

For the new facility, we provided support in the development of the RFP to developers (reviewing features desired in the building, including the size of the proposed building as well as interior and exterior features). Once proposals were received, we reviewed the proposals and advised of any issues with proposals and was involved during final negotiations between the developer and Farrell. We also provided project management services to ensure the design and construction of the new facility complied with RFP and contract documents.

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