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Barrie, ON

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One of Ontario’s largest cities, the City of Barrie, is embarking on a long-awaited construction project that will improve traffic flow and support economic growth in the south end of Barrie. To support this mandate, the City is spending $50 million on a series of improvements to the existing infrastructure and adding a five-lane bridge, known as the Harvie Road Crossing, that will allow drivers to cross over Highway 400 to Big Bay Point Road.

East and west traffic flow across Highway 400 is restricted, causing traffic to re-route up to 5km north or south to cross the highway. The implementation of the Harvie Road Crossing will improve the traffic flow and reduce the distance between crossings of Highway 400, while additionally supporting economic and residential growth in the area.

The south end of Barrie is an employment hub and the primary industrial area of the city. What’s more, the companies that are situated in the industrial park rely heavily on transportation and connectivity as a foundation of their business. The current state of the highway crossings inhibits business and growth, but the implementation of the Harvie Crossing will improve connectivity and provide additional options for employment.

Our team is engaged with the City on a series of area network improvements, including the construction of Harvie Road Crossing between Veteran’s Drive and Bayview Drive. In addition to the Highway 400 overpass, the work includes new buffered bike lanes and sidewalks, the replacement of sanitary sewers and water mains, and a network of roadway improvements critical to the local area.

Our team has worked with city staff, the design consultant, and the Ministry of Transportation Ontario (MTO) to manage the project design and identify key opportunities to improve the timeline of the project schedule. We are now representing the City by overseeing the construction of this project, in partnership with the contract administrator and stakeholders.

Harvie Road Crossing is expected to be fully complete by 2021.