Mobis Parts America LLC


South Windsor, CT

Project Scale


Advancing business in Connecticut.

Colliers Project Leaders served as owner’s project manager during the due diligence phase of lease negotiations and design, construction and closeout phases relative to the opening of its 292,000 square foot Hartford area Distribution Center.

As project manager, we facilitated and participated in design related meetings and provided technical support on specification and design documents and performed design reviews at the completion of design development and construction document phases. We also worked with contractors to coordinate onsite logistics and when on site, reviewed the installation of construction for quality purposes. Colliers reviewed the construction schedule and monitored it for compliance, monitored the flow of information (RFI’s, submittals, etc.) to minimize delays in construction, and met with Mobis representatives, as required, to provide status updates of the project.

Mobis BTS Distribution Center Image 7
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