Penske Auto Group


Fairfield, CT

Project Scale

3,000 gsf

Commissioning energy efficient two story car dealership showroom.

Colliers Project Leaders was engaged by Penske Auto Group to provide commissioning services during the construction of its 3,000 square foot, two-story smart car dealership showroom located in Fairfield, Connecticut. As an extension of smart USA’s dedication to environmental responsibility demonstrated in the construction of their vehicles, smart USA and Penske Auto Group pursued LEED Certification for its dealership showroom.

Project objectives included creating a dealership that demonstrated smart USA’s commitment to environmental stewardship and that provided a comfortable, bright environment conducive to selling smart cars.

As commissioning agent, our focus during the commissioning process was to verify that the facility met the needs of smart USA and that it operated properly. Important criteria considered critical to the success of the project included verifying that:

  • The finished building complied with smart USA construction standards
  • The building be energy efficient
  • The building operation complemented the operation of the dealership
  • Maintenance requirements were considered throughout the design and construction and were minimized through the selection of materials and systems
  • All new systems and equipment were accessible for operations and maintenance
  • Maintenance staff were properly trained in the operation of all new equipment and systems
  • All new equipment and systems have a 15-year anticipated life-cycle
  • The systems and equipment met the functional requirements of the dealership staff and its customers