DIP School

The DIP School

With the constant growth in the education sector, Emirates REIT has the ambition to expand their educational portfolio and is seeking to build and develop a K-12 School in Dubai. The school will be owned, managed, and operated for a leaseback period of 28 years.


Emirates REIT


Dubai, UAE

Project Scale


The DIP School.

Emirates REIT have requested Colliers Project Leaders’s project and commercial management expertise to act on their behalf and oversee the project during the execution stage, to ensure that their risks are being effectively managed. At the outset of the project, Colliers Project Leaders identified that the No Objection Certificates (NOCs) from the local authorities were not managed and tracked properly. Our project team immediately intervened to resolve this major risk.

"The Colliers Project Leaders project team is extremely engaged, drives the project with lot of attention and care. The team is very reliable and professional.” Alain Debare, Group Head of Real Estate Portfolios, Emirates REIT

Colliers Project Leaders’s role includes identifying and mitigating risks, establishing the value of executed works and certification of contractor and consultant payments, monitoring project expenditure and forecasting estimated costs at completion, overseeing the execution of the project and delivering it to an acceptable standard and within the required timeframe.

Colliers Project Leaders utilizes excellent project management skills and committed professional team who is able to provide immediate support whenever a problem arises in the project. We found them to be very honest and reliable on all project related matters which aided us to take the right decisions.”

James Savage

Asset Manager, Emirates REIT