Madinat Jumeirah resort

The Strand

The Strand is a landscaped walkway connecting four key hotels along Jumeirah Beach, Dubai. Aiming to improve facilities and maintain a premium guest experience, Jumeirah Group added three new beach bars, two spa cabanas, a watersports hut, and upgraded the pedestrian and buggy pathways.


Jumeirah Group


Dubai, UAE

Project Scale


Improving the beach experience along the popular Strand in Dubai.

Jumeirah Group enlisted the help of Colliers Project Leaders to improve the Strand, the popular 700-meter walkway along the Jumeirah beach. We took full responsibility – from validating the design briefs, construction supervision, to close-out and hand-over. In addition to the new bars, spa and watersports facilities, the project included upgrades to the irrigation system, external lighting, the Wi-Fi network, and way-finding signage. To minimise disturbance to guests, work was undertaken during the off-peak summer months with specific micro-programmes for each stage. Although the team faced additional challenges such as limited access to the site and working night shifts, we delivered the project on time and 33% below budget.

Colliers Project Leaders have constantly applied a good common sense approach to the project management function that they provide.”

Samer Abu Ayash

Chief Hospitality Projects Officer, Dubai Holding