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Tackling the Housing Challenge in New Brunswick

Housing Availability Shrinks as New Brunswick's Population Continues to Grow

New Brunswick’s population continues to grow at an unprecedented rate. For many local governments facing housing shortages, the journey to getting homes built quickly can be daunting.

Whether you're initiating a housing needs assessment, exploring housing development options, analyzing funding possibilities, applying for government funding, or contemplating the initial steps to address residents' housing needs, the approach varies for each community, and the availability of resources is a continual consideration.

With experience supporting local governments across Canada, our advisory experts can help you build the right type of housing for your community.

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  • Gregor Ash headshot

    Gregor Ash 

    Business Development Manager, Atlantic Canada

    With a strong background in business development, Gregor has a large network of connections throughout the Atlantic Region that he can call upon to help accelerate the conversations needed to address municipal work. His strategic insights and industry knowledge play a pivotal role in facilitating successful projects across Atlantic Canada. Gregor is dedicated to forging partnerships and driving connections between all stakeholders who may be affected by the ever-evolving housing landscape.

  • Mark Flint headshot

    Mark Flint 

    Senior Project Manager

    With over twenty years of project leadership in Atlantic Canada, Mark excels in overseeing intricate municipal projects and programs. He has a robust background in collaborating with municipalities and various organizations to address housing requirements. Mark maintains a diverse project portfolio and consistently advocates for efficient collaboration among internal stakeholders and project teams to align with clients' business objectives.

City of London First to Receive Funding to Accelerate New Housing

City of London is the first municipality in Canada to secure $74 million in funding under the federal Housing Accelerator Fund (HAF) . The city will use the fund to develop 2,000 additional housing units over the next three years and build thousands more in the years to come.

Our team supported the City by creating a housing action plan for their Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC)  application.

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City of london

Alberta Town Secures Grant Through CMHC's Rapid Housing Initiative

In early 2022, The Town of Hinton successfully secured a $2.3 million grant through the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) Rapid Housing Initiative (RHI) , which has enabled the completion of the Boutin Lands modular housing project, offering 10 new affordable rental units in Hinton.

These units comprise a mix of single and two-bedroom accessible modular homes, ranging from 560 sq. ft. to 790 sq. ft., all located on town-owned lands. The development provides housing for a diverse range of vulnerable populations experiencing homelessness or at risk of becoming homeless. The project was successfully completed within budget, even though it went past the original due date due to the Alberta Wildfire in the region. All 10 rental modular units are now occupied.

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Town of Hinton

Sherbourne Estates Renovation Improves Rental Apartments

Sherbourne Estates recently underwent significant improvements to its two residential apartment buildings. Originally built in the 1970s, the renovation project revitalizes the community, brings the towers to modern standards and offers tenants a bright, spacious and affordable place to call home.

Epic Investment Services  retained Colliers Strategy & Consulting  team to provide development advisory services, which included completing a financial analysis to help determine the feasibility and scope of the project. Epic also engaged our project management  team to manage the renovation from its inception through to completion.

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Sherbourne Estates 1