Bid Document Review lp

Bid Document Review

Reduce costly change orders, claims and delays

Planning is vital to the success of a project. This includes the development of clear, detailed and accurate bid documents.

Projects and bid documents are growing in complexity and are often produced under pressure, without adequate time for design coordination or quality management. As a result, project owners may incur costs in the form of change orders that could have been avoided had the bid documents been reviewed more carefully.

Put another way, your tender documents could be putting your project at risk.

With Colliers Bid Document Review®, you’ll save time and cost by:

  • Reducing change orders
  • Eliminating cost uncertainty
  • Gaining peace of mind with high quality vendor responses
Want to see how comprehensive our bid document review process is? Check out a sample report.

What is a Bid Document Review?

Colliers Bid Document Review is a vital tool that provides a methodological, structured review of bid documents to identify ambiguities, inconsistencies, conflicts, missing information and constructability problems within bid documents. At the end of the review process – conducted by experienced construction professionals – you get a final report that enables your design team to modify your documents prior to tendering, saving you cost, and a lot of unnecessary frustration.

Bid Document Review gave us a very strong sense of certainty for our project cost and timelines. We virtually eliminated the design factors that cause change orders, drastically reducing the possibility of time overruns. It has been a great contributing factor to managing our on time, on budget project performance.”

Barb Nicholson

Associate Vice-President, Capital Planning and Property Development University of New Brunswick