Well in advance of launching your project, you will have many things to consider. We give you advice and insight you need to optimize your investments, maximize performance and ensure project success.

You’ve done your due diligence. Your strategy and business case were approved, and your financing is in place. You’re now ready to start your project. But do you have the talent to get the job done? Colliers Project Leaders is the trusted advisor who helps you get it built on time and on schedule.
Your building or infrastructure project is finished and the operation is running full steam ahead. But the job is not finished. Colliers Project Leaders is the trusted advisor who helps you get it performing.

Well in advance of launching your project, you will have many things to consider.
We give you the advice and insight you need to optimize your investments, maximize performance and ensure project success.
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Large-scale capital projects are always in the public eye. With tight budgets, strict timelines and a broad group of stakeholders, how can you ensure that you are maximizing your project’s performance while meeting community and organizational expectations?

We provide our clients with program management solutions that help control their projects, proactively manage risk and improve communication enterprise-wide. Our customized methodology will align your strategic vision and goals and help you achieve profitable and sustainable strategies.

  • Program/project management office (PMO) reviews, development and support
  • Program/project management best practices, process mapping training and tools
  • Program/project governance and oversight
  • Project portfolio assessment and management

Real estate can be an organization’s most lucrative asset. It can also be its most inefficient. In a resource intensive, unpredictable market, how can you ensure you are balancing organizational wants and needs against returned value and sustainability?

We provide strategic planning services for owners and investors facing critical and complex real estate decisions. From single assets to multi-market portfolios, our customized approach will help maximize the performance of your investments.

  • Investment, feasibility and accommodation analysis
  • Due diligence and needs assessment
  • Business case preparation and development
  • Portfolio optimization and revitalization planning

The way we work has changed. Your workplace is more than space plans and panel heights. It’s the place where people come together to create, learn, and make critical decisions that affect the organization. Does your workplace support your business goals while promoting desired behaviours and culture?

We develop workplace strategies that focus on your people and your bottom line, creating a sustainable solution that works for your business now and in the future. Whatever your objectives, we can help you achieve them.

  • Property, accommodation and feasibility analysis and planning
  • Business case preparation, development and repositioning
  • Change management transaction structuring
  • Culture, optimization and efficiency assessments

We are building and infrastructure project leaders.

Our Get It Right Solution ensures we get it ready, get it built and get it performing so investors, owners and occupants are certain of success. We are trusted advisors to capital projects. Learn more about our Advisory Services offerings.

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Tendering is a legal process that carries with it owner obligations, even during the procurement period. Are you confident that your tendering process will minimize the risk associated with procuring a Contractor? We will coordinate, monitor and facilitate the tender call and provide expert advice on issues relating to contracting strategies. Our experience will ensure a fair contract and a reduction in unnecessary costs and risks during construction.

Your specifications and drawings are complete and ready to go to tender. Are there inconsistencies in the technical drawings or errors in the documents? Our construction-industry professionals review your drawings for potential conflicts and issues, resolving any problems and avoiding costly mistakes once construction begins.

Have you selected the initial aspects of your design with an appropriate understanding of the site and overall building or infrastructure construction project? Do you have clear bid documents that contractors and trades can easily understand? Our professionals review your design to ensure it is on the right track at the start of your project. And we clarify design documents and review constructability, enabling your contractors and trades to price accurately and avoid errors, delays and cost overruns during construction.

Diligent management of the design process is critical in ensuring compliance and controlling project scope and budget. Are you certain that your designs will result in maximum value and minimal delays while meeting building codes? We conduct in-depth design reviews, including program compliance monitoring, progress monitoring and constructability reviews, then provide recommendations for changes. 

Do your in-house experts have the capacity to seamlessly integrate furniture, fixtures and equipment (FF&E) into your construction project? Do you have access to comprehensive databases of leading-edge FF&E from around the globe? From concept to move-in, we offer a comprehensive solution to your highly specialized needs. We create clear, detailed specifications that achieve the best value for money.

Moving is never easy. Are you coordinating with your construction team to ensure the project will be complete for your move? Can you train and prepare your staff to begin using your new space immediately, without affecting your operations? Do you have the capacity to lead the overall transition while giving the move-day experience of your staff and stakeholders the attention it needs? We offer a full solution from project conception to day one of operation. Our planning, communications strategies and move-day management ensure the logistics of your move fall into place.

Do you have problems with unclear contracts, unplanned delays, unexpected site conditions or an evolving scope of work leading to claims? We help you resolve disagreements at a lower cost and recover losses effectively. We create contracts, monitor compliance, investigate root causes of claims and act on your behalf.

You need your capital or infrastructure project to succeed. Do you have the experienced resources to effectively organize and lead your project teams, and plan and control your budget, schedule and scope changes? Can you build a strong team focused on achieving your goals? Project leadership is everything we do—in fact, our entire company is guided by the principles of good project management. Get the benefit of rigorously applied best practices and experienced professionals representing your interests at every stage of your project.

  • Project Oversight and Monitoring
  • Integration
  • Scope, Time, Cost, Quality, Human Resources, Communications, Risk and Procurement Management
  • Sustainability Objectives

Your building is finished. People have moved in, and the operation is running full steam ahead. But the job continues.

Systems running as intended is the first step in managing and optimizing facility energy use. Are your building systems operating as designed? To ensure your critical systems are performing to the expectations of the manufacturer and your facility, we will work with operations staff to implement a protocol. The procedure will include training sessions for maintenance staff and management, warranty documentation, maintenance records and operating procedures.

A well-defined project management process improves communication and allocation of resources so that projects are successfully completed on time and on budget. Is your project management process yielding these results? Our process audits will examine which parts of your methodology are falling short or not being followed, then seek the root cause of the deviation. We will then recommend adjustments, provide training and tools and come back to conduct reviews to ensure they were implemented effectively. 

Do you have the experience to differentiate between warranty items and deficiencies? Do you have the time and resources to oversee and deal with urgent issues as they arise? We facilitate the entire warranty process, tend to issues as they arise, and return to the project site a year after completion to perform a warranty walk-through with you.

Can you be sure that your deficiency list is complete? Is your construction team completing deficiencies in a timely manner? We have the experience to lead and manage the deficiencies process to ensure that your list is completed on time.

Will your real-property investments yield maximum returns as they age? Our asset-management advisors bring you better results with less effort and cost, thorough multi-year tenancy and building rollover forecasts, capital planning and reporting strategies. With our professionally prepared investment analyses and management reviews, your future will stand out against your competitors.