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Community Builder Grant

Terms & Conditions

  • Award of Grant money is at the sole discretion of Colliers Project Leaders.
  • Colliers Project Leaders intends to award the Grant funds by September 31, 2024, but not later than December 31, 2024. The method for provision of Grant money (e.g. cheque, electronic funds transfer etc.) is at the sole discretion of Colliers Project Leaders.
  • Grant recipients must participate in a virtual interview of up to 90minutes with Colliers Project Leaders, and provide proof of Indigenous heritage, in order to receive their award. At any time prior to the actual payment of Grant money to recipients, Colliers Project Leaders may withdraw the Grant Award.
  • The Grant money must be spent or disbursed by the recipient according to their plans and intentions as described in their nomination form.
  • Colliers Project Leaders is not liable for any commitments or liabilities (financial or otherwise) made by nominees or successful recipients (or on their behalf) as a result of their participation in the Grant process.

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