Disaster Recovery

Emergency Preparedness & Community Recovery

Extreme weather events have increased in frequency and severity across Canada, resulting in significant community impacts. For those affected, disaster recovery can be a long and costly process.

When these emergencies happen, local governments must lead immediate response efforts, while also tackling the enormous task of recovering and rebuilding their communities. That’s in addition to providing continuous local services.

Need help with emergency preparedness or disaster recovery efforts?

Proactive emergency preparedness & focused recovery planning

It’s crucial to prioritize emergency preparedness measures before a disaster strikes. By bringing in a team of experienced project managers with the knowledge and capacity to proactively prepare for a disaster and take on recovery projects afterward, you and your team can focus on addressing residents’ day-to-day needs.

Our experienced project managers can help you with:

  • Early integration and EOC support
  • Damage assessment and project scoping
  • Recovery team development
  • Funding source and budget development
  • Project planning and procurement
  • Project leadership and reporting

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