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Go Farther. BE Closer.

Create meaningful change in remote northern communities and BE closer to the things that matter most to you.

Opportunities with Colliers Project Leaders offer unique benefits that add value to every aspect of your life and shape the communities where you live and work.

We have a long history of working with provincial-sector clients to deliver large-scale projects. You will have the opportunity to deliver safe and reliable drinking water to communities in need. You will help build infrastructure that connects people and communities in new ways for generations to come.

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Closer to your community

Rural and remote locations across Canada are made up of a series of communities in every sense of the word. You’ll develop close bonds and relationships that will last a lifetime.


Yellowknife is a beautiful city. You will feel a stronger sense of community than you do in large urban centres.”

Scott McFadyen

Senior Project Manager, Colliers Project Leaders

Mountain camping

It takes me five minutes to drive to work and not more than ten minutes to get anywhere else. My friends and family are always close by, which really promotes healthy relationships.”

Tino Mbara

Project Manager, Colliers Project Leaders


Closer to the Lifestyle You Want

Opportunities are everywhere. From gaining on-the-job experience and higher compensation, to making a difference in your community, you can build the lifestyle you want.


Closer to adventure

Exploring the outdoors is not just something to do on the weekends; it’s something you can do every day.


The North can offer a lot for an outdoor enthusiast. It’s an Arctic adventure and a great opportunity to learn about how communities are built in isolated and hard-to-get-to areas.”

Scott O’Hearn

Senior Project Manager, Colliers Project Leaders


As a recent graduate I have had opportunities to manage large infrastructure projects right out of university, giving me valuable Project Management experience early on in my career.”

Brett Sirant

Assistant Project Manager, Colliers Project Leaders


Closer to a fulfilling career

Solving complex problems in rapidly changing environments gives you an opportunity to use your complete skill set. Your expertise is not only valued, but needed, to get the job done.

Making an Impact

Jared Wright, Project Manager, works on infrastructure projects in some of Canada's most rural and remote communities. Find out how Jared works with his clients to navigate unique challenges and successfully deliver projects that shape communities in Northern Canada.

Job opportunities

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