Open concept office with couches and people at their desks

Reshaping our Office Space Offers Opportunity to Attract, Retain Talent

By Bonita Craig and Robyn Baxter

* An article from Real Estate News EXchange (RENX)

After more than two years of remote work, many businesses are planning or implementing a return to the office as we move toward post-pandemic recovery.

Data released by Microsoft revealed 52 per cent of people are likely to consider transitioning to hybrid work in the year ahead. In addition, our National Market Snapshot showed half of the markets we tracked either saw a flattening of office vacancy rates or a decrease quarter-over-quarter, as it is expected companies will look to resume broad-scale return-to-office plans.

While many employers are eager to resume in-person work, increase collaboration and foster corporate culture, a slight disconnect remains between the motivations of employers and employees when it comes to working arrangements.

Microsoft found 50 per cent of company leaders plan to require full-time in-person work in the year ahead. However, Colliers’ survey data revealed that while 10 per cent of employees would like to return to the office full-time and 10 per cent would like to remain fully remote, the vast majority (80 per cent) fall somewhere in between.

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