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In 2021, the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal mandated full funding  for essential assets to support First Nations Child and Family Services (FNCFS) and Jordan's Principle initiatives .

Jordan's Principle guarantees timely access to necessary public services for First Nations children, resolving disputes and addressing systemic issues. This funding supports community initiatives that enhance infrastructure, educational facilities, healthcare services and community development.

Do you need a physical space for programming but aren't sure where to start? Consider a needs assessment.

CHRT 41 Funding for Capital Assets

What is a needs assessment?

A needs assessment is a systematic process used to determine and evaluate the requirements and priorities for a new construction projects or major renovations. This process helps to ensure that your projects align with the goals, objectives and needs of your community. A community needs assessment can include:

  • Review of existing community information
  • Community consultation to identify future vision and programming
  • Review of existing infrastructure and/or land to identify opportunities for improvements
  • Development of a Functional Program
  • Order of Magnitude Costing

Approved needs assessments are eligible for Feasibility Study and Design Phase funding.

Our advisory and project management teams have successfully guided numerous Indigenous groups in navigating and securing this funding for essential community projects and initiatives.

Projects that can be funded under Jordan's Principle can range in complexity and include renovation or new construction projects. If your project has moved beyond the needs assessment stage, our team can still assist at any point in the project lifecycle. 

Project Lifecycle

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