Cityof London HAF

City of London First to Receive Funding to Accelerate New Housing

September 15, 2023

Congratulations to the City of London for being the first municipality in Canada to secure funding under the federal Housing Accelerator Fund (HAF). The city will use the fund to develop 2,000 additional housing units over the next three years and build thousands more in the years to come.

The government created the Canadian Mortgage and Housing (CMHC) HAF fund to help fast track at least 100,000 new homes for people in towns, cities and Indigenous communities across the country.

“The program was designed to reward municipalities that are going to pursue affordability in the creation of new housing supply, and we recognize we can’t just create lightly affordable housing, we also have to build supportive housing,” said London Mayor Josh Morgan.

In conjunction with the City of London staff, our Colliers Project Leaders team – Jonathan Lampman, Suriya Pulickal, Jeff Fielding, and Varinder Gill – supported the city by creating a housing action plan for the application.

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