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Colliers Project Leaders Partners with FNMPC to Help Advance Progressive Indigenous Business Initiatives

October 4, 2021

First Nations Major Projects Coalition Announces Launch of its Sustaining Partners Program

We are proud to announce our participation in the First Nations Major Projects Coalition’s (FNMPC’s) newly launched Sustaining Partners Program. ­

This program furthers FNMPC’s ability to advance relationships between its members and the private sector on issues of mutual interest. Through this partnership, our company and other initial program partners will work with the FNMPC and its members to help increase strategies that promote meaningful Indigenous inclusion in major developments, and support Indigenous perspectives concerning ESG investment standards and sustainable business practices generally.

“­The commitments made by Colliers Project Leaders, COWI, Gowling and New Gold Inc. supports our most important work,” says Chief Sharleen Gale, Chair of FNMPC. “It allows FNMPC to create pathways to reconciliation by working closely with a select group of private sector partners who share our vision for meaningful Indigenous inclusion in the economic mainstream of Canada.”

“Colliers Project Leaders is committed to advancing infrastructure projects and partnerships that respect Indigenous rights and traditions, and improve economic outcomes for Indigenous peoples,” said Franklin Holtforster, President and CEO, Colliers Project Leaders. “We are proud to be a Sustaining Partner and we will continue to build meaningful relationships with the FNMPC and its members based on honesty, integrity and respect. We look forward to positively contributing to reconciliation alongside the FNMPC.”

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