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ULI Toronto Panel Discusses What’s Needed to Develop Transit-Oriented Communities

January 19, 2022

The Government of Ontario plans to spend $61.6 billion on transit in the next 10 years. This massive investment represents a generation of transit development – infrastructure that will stimulate strong communities if done well.

So how do we get there? ULI Toronto recently brought together industry experts to discuss how we can build true transit-oriented communities (TOCs) that deliver lasting benefits for all Ontarians. Convened by Rowan Mills, Vice President of our Infrastructure Advisory group and including our Chief Development Officer Olivia MacAngus, the panel highlighted multiple challenges that need to be addressed to ensure these TOCs reach their full potential.

Read more about this timely panel discussion, based on the paper Transit-Oriented Development: Getting it Right in Ontario recently prepared by ULI Toronto and the Future of Infrastructure Group or watch the webcast replay.

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