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Canada’s Largest End-of-Life Care Provider

Kensington Hospice is Toronto’s most comprehensive care home and Canada’s largest palliative care facility. With 9 new suites, Kensington Health is now able to expand its care capacity and services. Learn more about how Kensington Health creates moments that matter.


Kensington Health


Toronto, Ontario

Project Scale

$7.7 Million

Creating space for moments that matter

Kensington Health is a not-for-profit organization in Toronto, Ontario that takes a community-based approach to specialized healthcare services.

Kensington Hospice offers a warm, welcoming, home-like atmosphere to ensure residents are comforted and supported during this important phase of life. With services including personal care, grief and spiritual support, food and nutrition and more, residents enjoy the highest quality of care and a positive end-of-life experience.

Priding itself on creating space for moments that matter, the organization recently renovated its existing downtown location. The renovation added nine new residential suites, nearly doubling the hospice’s capacity to provide compassionate end-of-life care.

In addition to the hospice upgrades, Kensington Health relocated and enhanced its long-term care facility Kensington Gardens. This portion of the project included a fit-up of under-utilized space on the ground floor to provide new staff locker rooms, a staff lounge and a multipurpose room for residents.

Bridging industry knowledge gaps

Kensington Health retained our team to provide construction solutions and project management services for the renovation and expansion of its Brunswick Avenue and adjoining Major Street locations.

After facing delays during the first phase of the renovation, Kensington Health had concerns about the project schedule. Our construction solutions team stepped in to find ways to maintain the original schedule as much as possible, including mitigating additional challenges introduced during the pandemic.

With resident safety the top priority, our project managers took extra care to adhere to infection prevention and control (IPAC) procedures, and also managed supply chain risks. Team members applied their specialized healthcare and project expertise to bridge the knowledge gap between the project’s healthcare and construction teams.

Kensington Hospice is officially welcoming residents, families and the community to view its beautifully renovated space. The facility’s expansion makes Kensington Hospice one of the most comprehensive single-site hospice locations in downtown Toronto, as well as one of Canada’s largest palliative care homes. We are honored to have supported the delivery of this meaningful community project.