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Humber Cultural Hub

Humber College is transforming its Lakeshore Campus into a destination for arts and culture through the development of the Humber Cultural Hub. It is the first post-secondary project in Canada to use the CCDC 30 contract.


Humber Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning


Toronto, ON

Project Scale

$195 Million

Humber builds new arts and culture destination

The Humber Cultural Hub is a five-year, two-phase project to design and construct a state-of-the art home for Humber’s award-winning music, creative arts and multimedia programs, as well as its ground-breaking Centre for Creative Business Innovation. Delivered under an Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) model, it is the first post-secondary project in Canada to use the CCDC 30 contract.

The first phase of the project includes construction of a 250,000 sq. ft. building featuring a 130-seat Recital Hall used primarily for academic purposes, specialty teaching spaces for arts and cultural programs, and a 300-bed student residence addition. The second phase, which will include a 600-seat theatre, recording studio, film studios and other academic spaces, is scheduled to start in August 2023 with completion in May 2025.

IPD advisory and facilitation

As a partner of the CCDC 30 IPD Contract, Colliers Project Leaders is supporting the project with IPD advisory and facilitation services including: partner procurement and onboarding; CCDC 30 implementation advisory and coordination; Big Room design and facilitation; risk management, Last Planner® System implementation; IPD financial management advisory; Choosing by Advantages® training and implementation; and Lean training and advisory.

The project is currently in the construction stage. Key accomplishments to date include procuring the Construction Manager (CM) while meeting the Broader Public Sector Procurement Directives in just over two months, and onboarding all initial trades within six weeks. We have also advised on pre-validation activities and deliverables and led the IPD team to validation through a multi-data point cost analysis that included an estimate, a peer review of that estimate, a benchmarking process, and model-based and conceptual estimating. This activity allowed the team to validate at a number substantially under the original predicated estimate and to transition team collaboration from a physical co-location to virtual collaboration tools in response to COVID-19 workplace restrictions.

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