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Marten Falls First Nation Water Treatment Plant Upgrade

The Marten Falls First Nation community was under a boil water advisory for over 10 years. The residents’ health and wellness suffered due to the contaminated drinking water. In 2016, Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada announced funding to upgrade the existing water treatment plant.


Marten Falls First Nation


Kenora, ON

Project Scale


Clean drinking water for every community.

Clean drinking water is an essential part of a healthy community and something every resident should have access to. Through years of experience working with First Nations communities, our team understood the needs of the residents, as well as the work that needed to be done to improve the community’s water treatment plant.

This project was part of a $1-billion effort to improve First Nations communities. Our team anticipated challenges that could arise, like the intensity of winter conditions and the impact on road delivery and the complexity of stakeholder engagement. As project leaders, our team had a clear vision: design of a state-of-the-art water treatment plant to ensure that the long-standing boil water advisory was lifted.

Given the magnitude of this project, our team had to stay on track and keep the Marten Falls First Nation, Matawa Tribal Council, Indigenous Services Canada, and the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change in the loop. In addition to design and construction, we organized the administrative duties such as proposal evaluation and technical reviews to keep the project on schedule. Open and honest communication with all stakeholders was a top priority to ensure the project stayed on schedule and was completed with the opening of the highly anticipated Marten Falls First Nation Water Treatment Plant.