Mount Sinai Hospital


Toronto, Ontario

Project Scale

$400 million

Mount Sinai Hospital is an internationally recognized 20-storey, 439-bed acute care academic health science centre, affiliated with the University of Toronto. As part of a planned major multiphase redevelopment project (Phase 3A), Mount Sinai selected a Build-Finance model to deliver the project and engaged a Design Consultant. The project involved large-scale phased reorganization, renovation and the reconstruction of 13 of the hospital’s 20 storeys. To mitigate risk, the hospital wished to consult with a team of experts who would review Request for Proposal (RFP) documents prior to their release, and identify and recommend remedies for possible design and constructability issues.

Mount Sinai engaged Colliers Project Leaders to conduct a Colliers Bid Document Review™ during three stages of bid document development (50%, 70% and 90%). At each stage, our experts reviewed documents and made recommendations for the main phasing, project systems, sequencing of work, and general viability of the project. Subsequent reviews also focused on inconsistencies in the documents and detailed inter-discipline coordination issues.

The hospital asked our team to perform additional, focused document reviews on specific areas. These reviews highlighted contractor report inconsistencies, some of which could have increased the project budget. Ultimately, our work enabled the hospital to improve their documents for tender by developing more constructible documents.