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New Applied Science Hub Encourages Multidisciplinary Research

Concordia University's new state-of-the-art Applied Science Hub was designed to encourage interdisciplinary collaboration. The 90,000 sq. ft. extension houses several laboratories and research spaces that will help to propel the next generation of research scientists in their specialized fields.


Concordia University


Montréal, Québec

Collaboration was at the heart of such a complex project, and Claude Lazzam, Malachy Phelan and Damien Clergue were a perfect fit for this project and team. I cannot say enough about their success. As a client, I am very grateful to the Colliers Project Leaders team and happy to continue working with them on other mandates.”

Kirsten Sutherland

Senior Director, Facilities Management, Concordia University

Concordia University (Concordia) is a comprehensive teaching and research institution located in Montréal, Québec. A self-described next generation university, Concordia’s mission is to align learning opportunities with the significant challenges facing society today.

Taking a decisive step toward furthering scientific research, Concordia decided to build a new Applied Science Hub dedicated to multidisciplinary research in fields including aquatic biology, microscopy, cell imaging, nanoscience, biotransformation and chemical and materials engineering. Designed as an extension of its Richard J. Renaud Science Complex, the new building connects to adjacent buildings via an enclosed footbridge.

The 90,000 sq. ft. Hub stands five floors tall and includes two basement levels. The ground floor houses a large classroom and several collaborative spaces to stimulate interdisciplinary study, while the upper floors include nanoscience research, chemical and materials engineering laboratories. The research space also includes unfinished areas to accommodate future needs, and aquatic research and bio-fermentation production areas in the basement levels. Strategically aligned with Concordia’s mission, the Hub supports an increase in research capacity, promotes transdisciplinarianism and provides the hands-on experience needed to ready the next generation of research scientists.

Our Colliers Project Leaders team provided Concordia with comprehensive project management, as well as move and operational readiness services, from programming through to closeout.

The university applied for, and secured, vital funding from the Strategic Innovation Fund (SIF), which accounted for two-thirds of its total budget. Working to tight deadlines and strict application conditions, our team acted as an extension of the university, adapting its processes and respecting its procurement and administrative procedures to increase efficiency and meet tight deadlines.

Concordia also asked our team to upgrade the existing thermal plant to accommodate the additional energy needs of the new Hub. To meet this extended scope of work, we managed the design and replacement of two outdated steam boilers with five energy efficient steam and hot water boilers.

Our move manager worked closely with stakeholders to plan, develop and execute a strategy to optimize the move of new and existing research lab equipment from the Sir George Williams and Loyola campuses in just three weeks.

Concordia celebrated the successful completion of its innovative facility with a virtual opening ceremony on December 1, 2020. The new Applied Science Hub also achieved LEED Gold certification and was awarded the Institutional Architecture award in November 2021. This notable institution will support interdisciplinary collaboration between students and faculty, as well as expanded scientific research on campus for years to come. It will also encourage students to engage in research activities that address real-world environmental and biomedical challenges in our communities.