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Powering the Province of BC

Providing electricity to 95 percent of BC’s population, BC Hydro’s infrastructure is vital to maintaining reliable and affordable service. Our program and project management services have delivered quality building and associated facility projects annually for 13 years.


BC Hydro


Multiple Locations, British Columbia

Project Scale

Annual Capital Program of $50 Million

Keeping the Lights On in BC

BC Hydro is one of the largest electric utility companies in Canada. Generating and providing electricity to 95 percent of British Columbia’s population, BC Hydro serves more than four million people. With a system that includes 35 hydroelectric facilities, 300 substations, over 100 building facilities and more than 79,000 kilometres of transmission and distribution lines, it is BC Hydro’s mission to provide reliable, affordable, clean electricity to communities across the province.

Custom program and project management services are an important element supporting successful facilities development and building improvement projects. To keep the lights on across British Columbia, BC Hydro’s Properties group maintains a portfolio of assets that offer customers, employees and contractors alike a warm and welcoming environment to manage its widespread operations. To support the delivery of all property and building related projects over the next five years, BC Hydro’s Properties team sought the assistance of a program and project management partner.

Collaborative Working Relationship

Selected as the sole provider of program and project management services for building projects, Colliers Project Leaders is engaged by BC Hydro’s Properties group under a five-year Master Services Agreement (MSA). Currently, our team is working on approximately 70 projects in various stages including the redevelopment of its North Vancouver District Office, an operational facility that combines office space with large truck maintenance bays and operational yard space; its Surrey Materials Classification Facility, a depot dedicated to recycling and reusing materials to reduce industrial waste; and improvements to its Stave Falls Visitor Centre, a National Historic Site of Canada with artifacts and interactive exhibits.

Over the past 13 years, we have had the opportunity to build a collaborative working relationship with BC Hydro and continue to support the delivery of its building projects. Our carefully selected team of close to 20 project managers are readily available on an as-needed basis to support BC Hydro’s annual capital program.

To date, our scope of work includes both short and long-term projects, including the delivery of several operational facilities. Our work also extends to managing general improvements to operational building infrastructure including maintenance and upgrades to life safety systems, boilers, chillers, building facades, roof works, interior fit-ups and more.

BC Hydro Properties is a sophisticated client employing very talented individuals, which I believe has been essential to the development of our partnership built on trust and collaboration. I am proud of our high-performing Colliers team that consistently provides BC Hydro with the security of knowing that their capital plan will be met, ensuring that the lights stay on for all British Columbians.”

Brendan Wilson

Principal, Colliers Project Leaders

To deliver these projects, our industry experts take a collaborative approach to project management. The team takes pride in building long-lasting working relationships with project owners, architects, engineers, interior designers and construction firms. Our unified leadership approach enables us to act on behalf of BC Hydro to deliver projects under the construction management methodology. Doing so allows us to consult closely with internal and external stakeholders to ensure optimal operations throughout each phase of the project.

On every project, we work with project teams to identify potential risks and develop viable solutions in a timely manner through proactive planning methodologies. Through this approach, our team quickly integrates into BC Hydro’s corporate culture to manage projects, staff, and onboarding of consultants and contractors in a way that ensures all teams can adopt standard procedures, as well as BC Hydro’s established environmental, health and safety, Indigenous relations, diversity and inclusion policies.

Maintaining a collaborative working environment is also important to ensuring a high level of communication between all involved parties. Our team recognizes the importance of a comprehensive communications plan, which enables the project team to mobilize and respond to project requests quickly.

Continuous Service

Our project team will continue to work with BC Hydro through to 2025 with the option to extend the contract as needed. As collaborative partners, we will also deliver key projects to optimize the performance of BC Hydro’s building facilities and infrastructure to ensure continuous, cost effective and environmentally safe service for years to come.

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