Trout Creek Design Build project

Trout Creek #9 Replacement Structure

Following significant damage caused by a major storm, Trout Creek #9 in Sussex, New Brunswick had to be replaced quickly. The province engaged our team to determine the most effective delivery strategy and to help get the project completed in just three months.


New Brunswick Department of Transportation and Infrastructure (NBDTI)


Sussex, New Brunswick

In January 2019, Trout Creek #9 was significantly damaged during a major storm that produced heavy rains, wind, and localized flooding. The New Brunswick Department of Transportation and Infrastructure (NBDTI) applied for and received funding for the design and construction of a replacement structure under the Federal Disaster Fund Assistance Program. The project involved the replacement of a 31-metre long Structural Plate Corrugated Steel Pipe (SPCSP) arch structure.

Our team was engaged to determine the most effective project delivery strategy. Given schedule constraints and complex project requirements – including managing traffic flow during construction and Right of Way limitations – we recommended a Design-Build methodology. Relying on a single point of responsibility contract, the Design-Build approach minimized risks for NBDTI and reduced the delivery schedule by converging the project’s design and construction phases.

A Design-Builder was procured through an RFP process in June 2019. Submissions included the construction of a Bailey bridge and dual box culverts. The contract was awarded in July 2019 and construction began in early September 2019. Substantial completion of the project was granted on October 31, 2019.

The project marked the first time NBDTI used a Design-Build deliver method for this type of structure. Today, Trout Creek #9 is a successful model for future Design-Build infrastructure projects in the province.