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Proud Supporters of the Association of Canadian Port Authorities

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We are proud supporters of the Association of Canadian Port Authorities and are dedicated to assisting owners in executing large-scale infrastructure projects in the ports and marine sectors.

Ports across Canada play a pivotal role in facilitating trade, fostering economic growth and shaping our future. Our dedicated advisory and project management teams specialize in overseeing the expansion and enhancement of port infrastructure, providing critical risk management, targeted stakeholder management, robust project governance and transparent procurement processes.

With experience in a wide range of port projects – from new terminals to facility upgrades and surrounding infrastructure – we help guide your infrastructure projects to completion, ensuring they remain globally competitive, sustainable and reliable.

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What does it take to build the future of Canada’s port and marine industry?

From infrastructure renewal and supply chain integration to sustainability mandates and stakeholder relationship-building, the port and marine industries have a lot going on these days. Captain Jamie Marshall and Darcey Hormann are at the heart of the action, helping sector players take on ambitious new projects. In this interview, they discuss the state of today’s port and marine industries, the importance of environmental sustainability and more.

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