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Building partnerships.

Working in partnership with Indigenous communities.

We know that trust is earned and not given. We listen. We consult. We are humble. We don’t presume to understand the challenges of Indigenous communities, but we invest the time to understand and work with the community to develop plans to address them.

We understand that trust, transparency, culture, and traditions are significant. We understand how to navigate bureaucratic funding and approval regimes. We understand that owners and funders need to be on the same page.

Clean drinking water, schools, clinics, and access to safe housing. These are all important to communities. We understand how to deliver this infrastructure.

Do you have an advocate who consults the community to understand the requirements?

We can help. Our experts are invested in making a difference. Indigenous and First Nation communities come to us because of our promise to build partnerships that last.

Partnering for Success in the North

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Advancing progressive Indigenous business initiatives

Colliers Project Leaders is proud of the relationships we have developed with Indigenous communities across Canada. These relationships have created economic prosperity for all involved. Project by project, we and our Indigenous partners are delivering community benefits through employment and training. These partnerships are founded on culturally sensitive engagement, respect and friendship.

First Nations Major Projects Coalition

We are proud to work with the First Nations Major Projects Coalition (FNMPC) to provide capital project advisory services that deliver tangible, measurable and timely outcomes for Indigenous nations, corporations and businesses, as well as public sector organizations.

Learn more about our work as an FNMPC Sustaining Partner  and an Advisory Centre Strategic Partner. 

Progressive Aboriginal Relations

Progressive Aboriginal Relations (PAR) is a federally recognized program that provides a high level of assurance to communities on a tier-based system (Committed, Bronze, Silver, or Gold). As a PAR Committed company, we are proud to demonstrate that we support communities by being:

  • Good business partners
  • Great places to work
  • Committed to prosperity in Indigenous Communities

Earning PAR certification is important to us as it aligns with our commitment to Indigenous communities for fair, authentic and meaningful partnerships.
Learn more about the PAR program.  

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Making an impact

Kevin Sim shares his experiences working with northern communities, and what motivates him to ensure successful, meaningful and practical project outcomes for our Indigenous clients.