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Proven risk, project and procurement management in the mining industry.

We understand the importance of establishing clear communications between work sites and executive boardrooms.

Executing a mine renewal, expansion or other major capital project is an opportunity to increase site revenue potential and maximize returns on your investment. It can also feel like an almost herculean task, with hundreds of details to manage in the planning, design and procurement stages, all while operating in a 24/7 environment. And that’s before construction even gets underway.

Partnering with a team that understands your project needs from inception to close-out alleviates the additional demands on your resources.

We know that new projects must proceed safely without impacting existing mining operations. We are adept at delivering sustainable projects in demanding environments with unique challenges.

Working entirely in your best interest, our experienced project management teams provide:

  • Risk Identification and Mitigation, through structured workshops that identify, assess and address risks. The higher the potential risk, the more attention we dedicate to ensuring it’s monitored and controlled.
  • Cost Management, by asking the right questions and scrutinizing cost estimates so no detail is missed. Combined with cost tracking logs and monthly project forecasts, you gain cost certainty and the detail you need for corporate reporting.
  • Procurement Management, including the creation of procurement documents, facilitating bid processes, evaluating proposals and making recommendations.
  • Project Accountability, across all teams, by applying a consistent, disciplined approach that ensures tasks are completed and projects stay on track. We keep our eye on every detail and flag potential issues proactively so you can concentrate on operations.
  • Site Coordination, of general contractors, consultants and inspectors, including obtaining submittals, tracking schedules, validating progress payments and collecting documentation – important and time-consuming efforts critical to your project success.

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