Bid Document Review

Reduce costly change orders, claims, and delays

Improve clarity and accuracy of your tender documents with Colliers Bid Document Review®

Having clear, detailed, and accurate tender documents removes the element of surprise from a construction project. We think that’s a good thing.

Construction projects and their associated documents and drawings are complex. Multiple parties are involved. Timelines are tight. Budgets are limited. An independent review of tender documents will reduce change orders and eliminate cost uncertainty, saving your project from added cost and delays.

Put another way, your tender documents could be putting your project at risk.

Mitigate risk with Colliers Bid Document Review® . For pennies on your dollar, you will:

  • Reduce change orders
  • Eliminate cost uncertainty
  • Gain peace of mind with high quality vendor responses

You will receive a comprehensive report that identifies critical issues in your tender document, giving you actionable recommendations with annotated drawings.

See an example of a Colliers Bid Document Review® here. 

Discover why now is a good time to refine your bid documents. 

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The University of New Brunswick engaged Colliers Project Leaders to complete a Bid Document Review to ensure we had the most comprehensive and coordinated tender package we could provide to the construction industry. Bid Document Review gave us a very strong sense of certainty for our project cost and timelines as we virtually eliminated the design factors that cause change orders, drastically reducing the possibility of time overruns. It has been a great contributing factor to managing our on time, on budget, project performance.”

Barb Nicholson

Associate Vice-President, Capital Planning and Property Development University of New Brunswick

Find out if your construction project is suitable for a Colliers Bid Document Review®.

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