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Successful completion of your healthcare project requires a well-orchestrated furniture, equipment and move readiness plan. Whether you’re retrofitting an existing facility or commissioning a new build, your furniture and equipment budget is typically one of the largest expenses of your overall project. Moving and installing specialized equipment is complex and requires expert planning for successful transition and implementation.

Access a team of qualified professionals who can augment your in-house expertise, provide budget confidence, and prepare your staff for an on-time implementation.

Operational Readiness

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Furniture, Equipment Planning and Move Readiness

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Healthcare Equipment Decommissioning Space Decanting

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Clinical Furniture and Equipment Inventory

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Areas of Expertise

  • Medical Equipment Planning

    Specialized medical equipment is varied and complex, and can make a project exponentially complicated. With a limited life cycle and constant emergence of new trends, a long-term strategy is vital when budgeting and planning equipment needs.

    • Equipment advisory services
    • Inventory and planning
    • Procurement and compliance
    • Commissioning
    • Design coordination
    • Logistics/delivery and installation

  • Furniture Planning and Design

    Ensure consistency in quality, design, and function of furniture products to reduce ongoing costs. With the right specifications, issues concerning ergonomics, security, infection control, maintenance and required certifications can be addressed to meet facility needs.

    • Organizational furniture standards programs
    • Inventory and gap analysis
    • Concept design
    • Design development
    • Procurement
    • Vendor coordination

  • Move Management

    Proper planning is essential to ensure minimal disruption, risk mitigation, and reduced downtime. Successful moves start with detailed plans that uncover issues and opportunities well in advance of move day.

    • Master move schedule
    • Transition budget
    • Scope of work and tendering
    • Communications strategy
    • Contingency planning
    • Move oversight

  • Operational Readiness

    Occupying a new space involves more than the logistical move. A proactive approach to manage the inevitable procedural and operational changes into a new space will alleviate implementation and transition challenges.

    • Procedures and Policy Review
    • Implementation Plan
    • Communications Strategy
    • Facility Orientation
    • Operational Training
    • Issue Resolution

  • Inventory Services

    A comprehensive view of clinical furniture and equipment inventory is critical for healthcare planning – from strategic levels to operational maintenance to emergency readiness. An inventory must be current, complete, and accessible in order to provide an accurate inventory status, and to enable a meaningful replacement strategy.

    • Strategic capital equipment planning
    • Equipment maintenance and warranty management
    • Disaster and emergency readiness

Values in Action

The healthcare community has been faced with a number of unexpected challenges. From finding solutions around project continuity, to the urgent need to re-think office, healthcare and community spaces - these challenges have strengthen our team's ability to problem solve and deliver quality projects. John Sorrell, Vice President of our Furniture, Equipment and Move Readiness team, speaks to this when he talks about the most rewarding part of his role.

Projects Underway

    Transformation of a 90-year old hospital campus

    The Michael Garron Hospital redevelopment project will transform the existing 90-year old campus. The project involves the construction of a new eight-storey patient care tower and three-storey connection, as well as demolition and renovations replacing some of the oldest spaces in the hospital. The project will add up to approximately 550,000 sq. ft. to the existing hospital.

    Colliers Project Leaders’ furniture and equipment planning team leads the planning and procurement of medical equipment including the creation of new furniture standards.

    Michael Garron Hospital

    New hospital for Fort St. James, B.C.

    The Stuart Lake Hospital replacement project will be three times larger than the current facility, with 27 beds, including 18 long-term care beds. There will be an emergency department with two treatment rooms, a trauma bay and an ambulance bay, as well as a laboratory and diagnostic imaging center.

    Our furniture and equipment planning team provides leadership in the role of medical equipment and furniture planning. We manage stakeholder relations to ensure smooth integration between equipment, clinical services and user preferences throughout all the three phases of the project: business planning, procurement and implementation.

    Stuart Lake Hospital
    • Trillium Health Partners Hospital Expansion Projects

      Trillium Health Partners is one of the largest community-based acute care facilities in Canada. Comprised of some of the busiest hospitals in Canada including Credit Valley Hospital, the Mississauga Hospital and the Queensway Health Centre, these locations cater to over 1.6 million patient visits and 60,000 surgeries annually. The plan will add or replace over 1000 hospital beds as well as a new acute care tower and post-acute complex. Trillium Health Partners serve the growing and diverse populations of Mississauga, West Toronto, and surrounding communities.

      Our furniture and equipment planning team is responsible for planning medical equipment and furniture for the redevelopment sites.

    • Emphasis on community health and wellness at the new South Niagara Hospital

      The new South Niagara Hospital will help serve the Niagara Region’s population, emphasizing community health and wellness. The new 650-bed hospital will be a full acute care facility with emergency, diagnostic, ambulatory, medical, surgical services and more.

      Our furniture and equipment planning team leads the project’s medical equipment and furniture planning to accommodate new technology to facilitate the delivery of healthcare services.

    • First P3 hospital project in Newfoundland and Labrador

      The Corner Brook Acute Care Hospital will be home to a new seven-storey facility, equipped with 164 patient beds, as well as an expanded cancer care program and radiation services. This is the first P3 hospital project in the province.

      Our furniture and equipment planning team leads the planning and procurement of medical equipment including the creation of new furniture standards and works closely with all stakeholders involved to ensure safe and proper equipment integration with the clinical processes.

    Replacing Outdated Infrastructure at Mills Memorial Hospital

    The Mills Memorial Hospital Redevelopment Project will result in a new acute care hospital and integrated services facility. The new hospital will be built at the north end of the current hospital grounds, and will provide trauma services, orthopedic surgeries, pathology, radiology, clinical support and pharmacy services as well as a training site for medical students.

    As a trusted advisor, Colliers Project Leaders’ furniture and equipment planning team provides leadership and guidance on equipment planning throughout three phases of the project: business planning, procurement and implementation.

    Mills Memorial Hospital