Paving the Path: Bringing New Perspectives to Infrastructure

Every career path evolves through a unique set of experiences and opportunities; and Andrea Roberts’ progression leading to her role as Managing Director of Infrastructure Advisory here at Colliers Project Leaders is no exception. After 20 years working in infrastructure, Andrea’s got some stories to tell. It’s both the positive and more challenging experiences that have helped make her the passionate, smart and capable leader she is today. Each role and project she’s taken on has diversified her expertise and amplified her ability to deliver quality infrastructure services and solutions to communities across Canada.

Throughout her career, Andrea has maintained a true passion for people. She’s advocated for herself, makes time to mentor others, and places a priority on lifting everyone up so that all voices can be heard. She understands the power of different perspectives and the importance of creating an inclusive, equitable and diverse workforce.

This year, Andrea is nominated for the Women’s Infrastructure Network’s 2023 Outstanding Leader Award. Learn more about the projects and experiences that have shaped her career and discover why we see her as an outstanding leader.