Businessman giving presentation in office

Ontario Township Engages our Infrastructure Advisory Team to Update Strategic Plan

May 8, 2023

We are pleased to share that the Township of Stirling-Rawdon is updating its Integrated Community Sustainability Plan in partnership with our Infrastructure Advisory team.

The strategic plan will reflect the collective will of council, administration and the community, and inform and guide future decisions. It will encompass work including community engagement, staff interviews, council workshops, an environmental scan needs assessment, and output analysis. The updated plan will enable the township to better understand its current state, build on its strengths, and capitalize on emerging opportunities.

Stirling-Rawdon developed its existing strategic plan in 2012 and completed updates in 2014 and 2019. The plan requires input from all departments, as well as local groups and businesses that provide valuable services to the community.

The process to update the current plan will enable council members to unite around a shared direction for the township, offers an avenue for administration to participate and provide input, and provides a meaningful opportunity for residents to speak up about the things that matter most to them.

“We look forward to supporting Stirling-Rawdon in this critical stage of strategy development, which will inform its capital plans and investment decisions for years to come,” said Dean Plater, Managing Director, Infrastructure Advisory, Colliers Project Leaders.