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Furniture, Equipment Planning and Move Readiness - Commercial

Maximize performance. Minimize disruption.

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We are expert furniture and equipment planning specialists. We go beyond supply and delivery. We develop furniture standards, provide gap analysis, and deliver procurement services. We increase productivity and boost communication. We connect with stakeholders throughout the entire process. We even do the heavy lifting. Because that’s what leaders do.

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Areas of Expertise

  • Furniture and Equipment Planning

    We take an unparalleled approach to planning new and innovative Medical Equipment and Furniture Planning solutions. We approach each project with a robust planning platform, executed by industry professionals who will minimize risks and provide value. We partner with you for upfront planning (inventory, generic lists, utility and budget data), development (functional lists) procurement, and final implementation. We turn spaces into workplaces.

  • Medical Equipment Planning

    Our specialized experts facilitate discussions with your team to develop purposeful solutions. Medical equipment is varied and complex. Positioning a new, modified, or expanded facility for long-term growth requires simple components and highly specialized items. Our team provides input for these complex environments and technologies, like diagnostic imaging, surgical suites, and laboratories, to set you up for success.

  • Furniture Planning

    Inventory, gap analysis, planning and budgeting, furniture standards, and procurement are critical components of your new facility. Our experts plan furniture solutions across all sectors. We discuss the options with your team to ensure we meet budget expectations and schedule requirements. We focus on essential operational and design related issues including Ergonomics, AODA and Universal Standards, Infection Control, Sustainability, LEED, Green Guard and LEVEL certification. Our approach to furniture planning provides better solutions at better costs.

  • Operational Readiness and Move Management

    Our team of experts manages the logistics and operational framework to ensure your space is ready to experience on the first day in your new facility. Your new space will drive change, efficiency, and innovation. Operational readiness provides intentional and structured planning to prepare you for occupancy and prepares staff with the knowledge and confidence to provide uncompromised service delivery. Our team supports relocation logistics. Moving impacts all employees, not only those involved in project design and execution. Our involvement ensures your employees know when the move will occur and their role.